The Best Maternity Belts and Belly Bands to Give You Support (2018 Reviews)

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Thank you sooo MUCH. I am right in that in-between stage too, and I was thinking how much I could use a belly band. I thought I would take a regular cami that fits now, cut it in half, and use the bottom to make a belly band. Then sew elastic around the top half under my bust line to make a half-cami.

Then my belly can expand in the middle without stretching the cami to its limit and I can just wear whichever half of the it that I need. I pretty much rocked yoga pants everyday both of my pregnancies. But I might have worn more pants if I had one of these or four. I'll have to remember this one for my next time around. I love this tutorial… I wear belly bands but want some new colors because, I don;t like bending over and haveing my undies or worse "crack" show… So though I have been through 4 pregnancies belly bands weren't invented then… So I wear them as "gap insurance" if you will….

I'm pretty sure this is a brilliant idea and one I'd wear even not pregnant. I can't stand skin showing when I reach up or bend down. Thanks for this great idea! This tutorial couldn't have come at a better time for me, I'm pregnant with my first and have been eyeing these at the stores.

I hate to admit, but I never even thought about making one! Thanks so much for the tutorial. Congratulations on your baby girl. I can't wait for all the baby related tutorials that will be coming our way: When I first saw this I thought "I wish I had seen this four months ago! But I loved your idea about using them for nursing as well! I'm having our little girl in December and this idea is perfect! I am due Feb 25! It feels too tight. So I'm gonna make my own, thanks to you: You don't have to be pregnant to enjoy these.

And much easier than trying to find a long cami. This is great though! Oh, I wish you'd posted this a few months ago. I am due in a month and haven't wanted to spend that much money on buying one. I never thought about making one! I am still going to make one now…and am excite to use it after pregnancy too! I have just hit the point in pregnacy where my pants just won't stay buttoned an zipped up!

So this is perfect timing for me! And your tutorials make everything so easy because of the step-by-step pictures! And I lot the idea of using it to help keep covered while nursing!

On the post where you were leaving things in odd places, I read the first sentence and immediatly knew that you must be going through the same thing as me! Congrats and I wish you and baby well! I have a pregnant sister and I have her name for christmas, awesome idea! I was seriously about to leave the house to buy a Bella Band, and now I think I'll just go to the fabric store. I am so happy to preggo at the same time as you!

I only wish you were having a boy, too! I guess I'll have to look through the archives to finde great boy stuff! I am excited to try this out…now to find some knit…I'm only 8 weeks, so I have some time! I was going to say that I would love a few of these to cover up my belly from shirts that are a little too short and show off a tummy that I am no longer proud of since having a baby of my own.

I'm so happy for you! My mom is preggers too. It's a girl, Sarah Gwen. While I am not pregnant and have never been, I recently discovered that I found a use for them, as well. I don't care for low rise jeans but since there are so many of them on the market, I've had to buy some. I use the maternity bands to cover the area of skin that would otherwise be flashed when I bent over or raised my arms over my head! The work wonderfully in this capacity. I've made my own by cutting a few older t-shirts down to size!

WoW so many great comments about this. This came just in time as I am expecting too and will soon need to get me some of these. I have a black one but would be nice to have a few! Can't wait to see what other little things you come up with! I also wear them when I am nursing so I have coverage on my belly when I have to pull my shirt up.

Even when I am not pregnant or nursing, I wear them. I have made several out of different fabrics spandex, lycra, cotton and you can also put stretchy lace across the bottom for a fun look.

We are trying really hard to conceive baby 2, and when it finally happens, I will reward myself with making some of these! I also hate showing extra skin when bending down or raising arms!

I've been looking for a good tutorial with pictures of course! I do have a question though — since I'm a plus sized gal, most standard belly measurements don't work for me, so I'm wondering how you got to your 35 inch band. Thank you-Thank you- Thank you. My only and favorite maternity jeans always leave me trying to either pull them up or pull my shirt down!

Thanks for the motivation! It took me all of 15 minutes to solve this annoying problem!!!! The belly band is fantastic, but can I just say how darn cute your little belly is? I miss having a pregnant belly! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this tutorial!! But, only had one to save some money. Now, I can make a bunch! Thank you so much!!! I'm featuring this idea on my blog sometime soon. Totally adding this to my "ideas to try" file. Of course I'll have to get pregnant before this is of any use to me.

Do you know, one of the first things I thought when you made the big announcement was, "Ooh, maybe she'll show us how to make some good, cheap maternity clothes! And by the way, I am indeed the Kristina Noall who has emailed you a couple times. Forgot to tell you that after you asked. I'm due February 4th.

I so could have used this last winter when I was pregnant with the twins! We overspend so much on those things at the store, for real. Thanks for the tutorial, I can't wait to make one when I'm preggo again: These are the opposite of half tees — have you seen those? I just wish I'd seen such an easy tutorial about 6 months ago, my baby is 6 weeks old and I would have loved a few of these to extend my wardrobe pun intended!

Your site is awesome, there are so many things on my someday-to-do list. Thanks for the inspiration! This is cool, we are trying for baby 4 I love my Bella bands, now I can make some when we get pregnant again. I got carried away and made some for his brother and our dads: Little did I know that only two months later I'd find myself needing these! Hi there — I just wanted to let you know that I added this pattern linking back to your website at the new online sewing community: I have never read your blog before, but I must say I'm impressed.

I have to low rise band under the tummy type of pants and never knew there was a better option. Then I tried the roll down type band at the top and all I can say is Heaven, I never knew pants could be so comfy. I'd like to change the tops to all of my maternity pants to a roll down band. I got some stretchy rib today and it was already in a tube. Thanks for the tutorial, My daughter in law will love these.

When it says make sure that the stretch goes width wise how can we be sure that it is going the right direction? That way it will stretch over a pregnant belly and fit a bit snug. Most times with a knit, it will have more of a stretch in one direction than the other, and in this case, you want the stretch going from side to side. Made by Mau……the finished height is about 10 inches tall.

The width depends on how wide you need it, depending on your size. But you could also make it taller or shorter than 10 inches too. That's just what I did.

I started taking a fertility drug last month along with something else my doctor recommended after Dave my hubby and I have been trying for 8 months now. Oooooh, I just bought one of these at Motherhood.

But I'm definitely going to use your tutorial to make a few more. I am 5'11 too and I know what you mean about those camis that used to be long enough not covering up the baby bump anymore! I find this tutorial great but unfortunately I can't see the pictures showing how to make the band.

Is it possible to get them in another format? I am so happy you created a tutorial for this great maternity item. I think I will be running to the fabric store very soon. Thank you for this tutorial. I made one this weekend and it turned out good. I do have a question though. My zig zag stitch is never stretchy enough, what settings do you put yours on? I have a very basic machine.

But I still love it and I linked to you from my blog: Wish I had these back in the day when I was expecting. Just made one and plan on making more. This will be my life saver during this pregnancy! Thanks so much for this tutorial. I am 39 weeks pregnant and have spent a few days trying to justify spending what feels like too much money on some breastfeeding tops.

Yes, the secret is out. And let me just say…….. Thanks for all of the well wishes and congratulations. And in a cyber-kind-of-way ……making me feel through your comments like you just dropped off a plate of warm cookies.

Or a bag of candy corn. And that little dress I made is a pattern in the works. Have you seen all of those belly bands that allow you to wear your non-maternity pants…..

It offers firm support in that area to help lift the abdomen off the pelvis. You should begin to feel relief immediately. As the name indicates, this belt has a split right in the center. That gives it great versatility — you can wear it three different ways with the two-strap support it comes with. That way you can go on a run without having to interrupt your workout every few minutes to find a bathroom. It will be a while before you can get your body back, but this belt will help you fake it in the meantime.

Your back and abdominal muscles will still be sore weeks after delivery so this belt can help you with support when you have to do light housework during that time.

This belt offers all of that. It has four support bars so it can do all the heavy lifting you need. It uses an upper layer and under layer that is made of breathable fabric. The front part of the belt is narrower to sit right under your belly and the back strap is wider to cover your low back.

It has an inner steel frame which will take the pressure off of you. The velcro strap it has will be quick and easy to adjust. This maternity belt is almost invisible under your jeans , plus you can get it in three colors instead of just one. For added comfort, the Gabrialla belt has a back pocket that you can use hot or cold packs in to help with any pain you might be feeling. It gives you mild compression — enough to reduce your pains and strains, but not so much that people will wonder what you have going on in your midsection area.

You can either wear the bands at their full length if you like the layered look or you can fold them over underneath the hem of your shirt. Folding them over gives them extra hold. You can use this belt as soon as delivery is over to assist your uterine and pelvic floor recovery.

Plus, it will help you use better posture while you recover. The bamboo fibers will keep their shape even after prolonged use. It will also help give you better shape — it has two compression sub belts to help give you the illusion of a waist line after you give birth.

That feeling is magnified when you run when you are pregnant. Your best bet is to cover as little skin as possible to help you cool down under those conditions. The heavy-duty support it gives you will be more than enough to help with your running. You can wear these belly bands long or you can fold them over and give your stitches some breathing room while you are sitting around. These bands will offer some support while working out without feeling too confining. These bands have a silicone rubber band on the bottom to help keep the band in place.

My favorite off this list of the best maternity belts and belly bands is the Gabrialla. I love that you can get it in three colors and that it tends to vanish under your clothes. I need a belt that can keep up with me and this one does. My back was always the worst part of my pregnancy pain. Which pain has been the toughest for you to deal with so far? How have you been dealing with it? It gives support to my back and helps remind me to sit up straighter when nursing.

The jiggle is noticeably less wobbly on the days when I wear the band as opposed to not wearing it. Great point that a maternity belt is a good idea if you want to work out or walk a lot during pregnancy. We should definitely take advantage of everything technology offers to make it easier and safer! I found one belly band that offered great support, but it was too tight and difficult to adjust.

I was glad to see a high-quality band at a reasonable price. Thank you for that suggestion, I have not ever heard of this brand. When Is a Maternity Belt Helpful? Bikinis, Boyshorts, and Bandeaus — Oh, My!

Our Top Maternity Swimsuit Picks. You can end up with a lot of back pain, in addition to the other discomforts of pregnancy.

As you belly expands, so will your back pain.

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