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Muscat Pharmacy is one of the oldest Pharmacies in Oman. It also has the unique distinction of being the largest Pharmacy in the Sultanate. Started in with a Pharmacy at Muscat, it has grown to be a Company with 66 retail outlets.

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Muscat Grand Mall - store listing Saturday, August 27, - developments, shopping, stores As promised, here is some more information on Muscat Grand Mall's new stores.
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The unique and mega retail experience with approximately 21, sq. This is the reason we have now decided to leverage this relationship and trust and extend it our other businesses as well i.

The way we have planned the entry of our two new businesses in Kuwait is by creating a unique mix of these 3 popular chains and offer them under one very large format store. The idea is to offer an innovative, exciting and satisfying experience for residents of Kuwait and we have pulled all stops to ensure this.

I would like to once again thank the various authorities and our associates in Kuwait for helping us make this possible. We now look forward to delighting our customers every time they visit us,? UAE, Oman and India. The Jolly Silks showroom within the unique concept, which occupies the largest space features the largest collection of Fashion and Silks range for women, men and kids of all ages. From wedding collections to fashion statements and daily wear this destination features a magnificent choice of high end and value offerings for all customer profiles.

Joyalukkas has studied the tastes and aspirations of the Kuwaiti residents and tailored their offering at Jolly Silks accordingly. At Joyalukkas Exchange customers can expect a range of innovative services at lowest prices and best service.

The specially trained Joyalukkas Exchange staff are well equipped to manage all the needs and requirements of money exchange service users promptly and efficiently at all times. The primary focus of the Joyalukkas Money Exchange service is to ensure speedy transfers at best exchange rates anywhere in the world.

Joyalukkas Exchange is affiliated with the best financial services providers in the world to ensure safe, fast and lowest rates on all types of services required. The commitment that Joyalukkas is making with the 3 in 1 concept is a combination of best price and never before seen range, excellent service and convenience. Joyalukkas Group has paid special attention to the pricing because the brand globally stands for value and trust and they intend to ensure shoppers in Kuwait enjoy the same benefit.

We have zeroed-in on this landmark location to make it doubly convenient for the residents of Kuwait to visit us. The best of interior designers and fabricators have been used to ensure a warm and welcoming feel for customers and to also appropriately manage and perfectly showcase our breathtaking range of choice and collections. Am sure residents here will enjoy the convenience and ambience of our new showroom? Both the Jolly Silks brand ambassador, renowned celebrity and cinestar Vidya Balan and the Joyalukkas Jewellery Brand Ambassador, the Malayalam superstar Suresh Gopi were excited at the opening and their fans enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed their attendance.

Also this showroom is one of the most refreshing experience in shopping we have ever been to? Joyalukkas is proud to announce that it has added Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood superstar and global icon, to its star studded list of brand ambassadors. Coming from a long line of distinguished Bollywood personalities, Hrithik Roshan made his debut in Indian films as a young child actor in the hugely successful Aasha For Joyalukkas, the decision to sign on Hrithik Roshan was strategic due to the global recognition he has received over the years as a symbol of Indian cinema and a Fashion Icon.

The hard work and dedication that Hrithik brings to all his endeavours, is synonymous to the foundation upon which the Joyalukkas brand has been built,?

However the growth that Joyalukkas has been able to achieve from its humble beginnings is truly remarkable. Ceremony was auspicious with the presence of Joyalukkas group Chairman and Managing Director, Joy Alukkas and other prominent personalities from socio cultural arena. The focus of the renovated showrooms were showcasing the most convenient and joyful experience to the customers. Therefore, the construction is structured with much keen and hard works.

As part of renovation, showrooms are changed to world class facilities and services with many unique collections. To uphold the corporate identity of Joyalukkas, which has achieved global recognition and awards, was the aim of renovation. First floor for Jolly Silks, wedding, fancy sarees. Second floor for churidar, churidar materials, lacha, teenage fashion. To add colors to celebration, customers will get exciting gifts while purchasing above Rs.

The winners win by A Chevrolet Sail Car. Even though they are deeply entrenched in their traditional roots, their aspirations and outlook are modern and contemporary?

Joy Alukkas Bollywood superstar Vidya Balan will be first Brand Ambassador for Jolly Silks and the Group has also hired a team of fashion consultants to manage their product line and range. From the early s, the government has made great efforts to include women in government. Women were nominated to run for election to the consultative council in , with two obtaining seats, and several speeches of the sultan emphasized the importance of integrating women into public life.

Marriages are normally arranged. The preferred marriage is to a cousin. First choice is to a patrilateral cousin, and second choice is to a matrilateral cousin. Even the well-educated elite of the country, university medical students, express a preference for their families to arrange marriages for them.

Love matches are very infrequent, as marriage is viewed more as a contract between two families with the major aim being to produce offspring for the next generation. In polygamous households more common among the wealthy, but not restricted to them , the first wife tends to be a close cousin and the second wife a younger, less-close relative. In the past, men tended to take on additional wives—Islam permits up to four—but in recent years, men have tended to divorce first wives and remarry, often leaving divorced women destitute and reliant on the government for support.

The domestic unit is generally an extended three-generation nuclear family; residence is usually patrilocal, with the husband's family. Although many nuclear family units reside in single residences, individual family members keep in constant contact with each other through either daily visits or regular telephone calls.

It is not unusual to find families of eight, nine or ten persons living in one household. The eldest male has the greatest authority in the family while an elderly female usually takes responsibility for allocating tasks within the household. The rules of inheritance are entirely governed by the Shari'ah Islamic law , which lays down the percentage of an estate that each relative may inherit.

In descending order of shares, this moves from the direct descendants sons, wives, A group of Bedouin eat a meal.

These rules apply to fixed property and capital. In the interior among the pastoral tribes, women often pass on their share of certain large livestock camels to brothers or sons, in exchange for informal welfare security in their old age. Omani culture is organized around the kin group as a large extended family or tribe inhabiting a particular valley or set of hamlets.

There are also dispersed kin groups, the pastoral tribes, who move around with their livestock in search of grazing land in a territory normally regarded as theirs to use. Life revolves around the kin group in the interior of the country, while in the urban centers the extended family or tribe is the hub and locus of much activity and networking.

Omanis do not separate the infant or child from family rhythm or routine. The newborn child remains exclusively with her or his mother for the first forty days after birth. After that the infant sleeps, eats, and plays at her side, and is nursed on demand for two years.

Infants are not offered particular stimulation, but soothed and calmed and encouraged to watch rather than interact. Child Rearing and Education. After the age of two, Omani children are encouraged to behave like miniature adults, taking on duties or hospitality toward guests at a very young age. They are only reprimanded, ever mildly, occasionally with a tap across the back of the legs. They are socialized to look to their peer group.

Punishment for unusual or unacceptable behavior is often offered as: Primary education for both boys and girls is encouraged. In the later intermediary and high school years, however, attendance by girls, particularly in rural areas, declines, largely due to a persistent pattern of early marriage.

Many boys also leave school before the end of their secondary education in order to seek jobs, thus contributing to a large low-skill sector of the workforce. The government also operates a number of vocational training institutes. In , Oman opened its first university. Built upon a combination of American and English models of higher education, the first colleges were of medicine, engineering, science, Islamic studies and education, and agriculture.

In the s, several more colleges were opened including a faculty of commerce and economics and a faculty of Shari'ah and law. Enrollment in the university is nearly equally split between male and female students.

It was only in that, under pressure from elements in the private sector and the government, the university administration decided to deny women admission to two colleges, engineering and agriculture. In the late s, the government sanctioned several private colleges that emphasized business curricula. Omanis are very polite and formal in public. Upon meeting, formulaic greetings must be exchanged before a discussion can ensue.

To do otherwise would be considered rude. Although men and women may interact in public, their contact should always be chaperoned or in the open. Even educated elite women often find it necessary to be chaperoned by a male relative at public events, parties, or receptions.

Omanis tend to stand close to one another as Arabs do, and it is common for friends and relatives of the same sex to hold hands. Two or more men or women entering a doorway at the same time always try to persuade the others to enter first, although a man always invites a woman to enter first.

On the other hand, forming lines in shops, banks, and other public places is not a cultural trait, although women invariably are encouraged to go first.

Nearly all Omanis are Muslim, divided nearly equally into Sunnis and Ibadis with a small percentage of Shia. Omanis tend to be careful in their observance of religious obligations.

Most carry out the prescribed five prayers per day and many men go to nearby mosques to perform them. Most Omanis observe the dawn-to-dusk fasting required during the Islamic month of Ramadan, and it is against the law to eat, drink, or smoke in public during daylight hours in Ramadan. In addition to formal religious beliefs and practices, superstitions are common and some folk rituals are practiced. There is little formal religious hierarchy.

The government appoints the mufti who serves as the country's highest Islamic authority. Traditional religious educators, known as sheikhs, are trained by the Ministry of Awqaf View of Muscat city buildings along the Gulf of Oman. Oman is a sultanate, with a sultan as the head of state and government. Religious judges qadi are appointed by the state to serve in Shari'ah courts.

There are also religious healers mutawi' whose services are called upon by the population, often to deal with mental illnesses. Rituals and Holy Places. All Omani Muslims are obliged to fast during Ramadan.

One of the pillars of Islam, this period of abstinence lasts twenty-nine or thirty days. This month is also one of celebration and prayer and is followed by two important festivals, one immediately after the period of fasting, Eid-il-Fitr, and one sixty-six days later, Eid -il Adha.

Many Omanis undertake the hajj, or pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia , if they are physically and financially able. Because of the austerity of Ibadi Islam, there are no specific holy places in northern Oman; there are, however, some venerated tombs of "saints" in Dhofar. Death and the Afterlife. Omanis are pragmatic when it comes to dealing with sickness. They will try modern medicine but if that fails will turn to traditional healers.

Traditional herbalists, bonesetters, and exorcists have a thriving practice, especially in the interior of the country. Many look to the cold and hot properties of foods for curing sickness a common practice in Islamic belief. Spirit possession, often among women, is addressed through zar, or exorcism, ceremonies, which frequently involve the community in the curative process. National Day takes place on 18 November, the birthday of the sultan, Qabus ibn Sa'id. This is the principal nonreligious celebration of the year and includes a major pageant, a profusion of fireworks around the country, and the sultan's annual policy speech.

Armed Forces Day 11 December is the occasion for a large banquet hosted by the sultan for his officers, senior government officials, and the diplomatic corps. Support for the Arts. The government provides some limited assistance for the arts through subsidies to such organizations as the Omani Arts Society.

Most artists, however, either hold full-time jobs or come from well-to-do families. In the past, literature was confined to religious treatises and histories. Like other Arabs, Omanis gave great importance to oral traditions, including poetry and an emphasis on genealogical roots.

The Ministry of Information has sought to revive these traditions through folk programs on radio and television. In the last decades of the twentieth century, a small number of authors published works of fiction and poetry.

Traditional Omani handicrafts are in decline although periodic attempts are made to encourage their production. Notable handmade products include silver and gold jewelry, woven baskets, goat- and camel-hair rugs, swords and khanjars daggers , and large pottery water jugs. Drawing, painting, and photography have become popular forms of expression in educated circles, although artists still tend to avoid representation of the human form as per Islamic convention. Local instrumental and vocal music is very popular, as are songs from other Arab countries.

Traditional performers still provide songs and dances at events such as marriages. The Ministry of National Heritage and Culture maintains a small national theater. Arab entertainers are well known throughout the country and many educated Omanis enjoy Western performance arts.

Physical sciences, particularly earth sciences such as geology and hydrology, are popular subjects for study and research in Oman's university and in a number of government ministries.

The social sciences, however, are not as well represented. Economics and sociology are taught at the university, but anthropology, political science, and psychology are not. The Modernization of the Sultanate, From Coup to Constitution, , Foreign Institutions and Local Responses, Culture and Society in an Omani Town, Development Planning and Social Change in Oman, Cultural Constraints and Individual Choice. The Architecture of Oman, The Meaning of Oil. Authority and Legitimacy in Inner Oman, — Oman and Its Renaissance, jubilee ed.

Nomads in the Sultanate of Oman: Tradition and Development in Dhofar, Oman and the World: The Emergence of an Independent Foreign Policy, Kervran, Monique, and Vincent Bernard. Un curieux exemple de conservatisme de l'art du stuc iranien des époques seldjouqide et mongole. Le Cour Grandmaison, Colette. Diwan of Royal Court. Office of the Advisor for Conservation of the Environment. Contemporary Oman and U. Oman in the Twentieth Century: Political Foundations of an Emerging State, Economic, Social, and Strategic Developments, Tabuki, Salim Bakhit al-.

The Making of a Modern State, Behind the Veil in Arabia: Women in Oman, A Study of the Aflaj of Oman, Alternative Names Various peoples in Oman use regional names such as Dhofari, which identifies them as being from the southern region of Oman, or Zanzibari, which identifies them as having close links with East Africa and at one time Zanzibar. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space The contemporary urban character of Omani culture has strong ties to Indian Mogul architectural style.

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