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Wellington (/ ˈ w ɛ l ɪ ŋ t ən /; Māori: Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara) is the capital and second most populous urban area of New Zealand, with , is at the south-western tip of the North Island, between Cook Strait and the Rimutaka Range. Wellington is the major population centre of the southern North Island and is the administrative centre of the Wellington Region, which also.

Kids Activities in Wellington on: After riding on the cable car he was interested in how it worked or used to work.

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For Kids in Wellington. The compact nature of Wellington, means if can be an easily managed place to explore even with young children. We've picked out some of the best things to do with kids in Wellington.
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The list of Wellington attractions – even Wellington kids activities – is considerable even allowing for the fact that it is the national capital. Z and I saw a lot in our weekend and got through a decent list of Wellington activities and there was more we could have seen.

It is a conservation island, providing refuge for endangered species , much like Kapiti Island farther up the coast. There is access during daylight hours by the Dominion Post Ferry. The urban area stretches across the areas administered by the city councils of Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua.

Steep landforms shape and constrain much of Wellington city. Notable hills in and around Wellington include:. Averaging 2, hours of sunshine per year, the climate of Wellington is temperate marine , Köppen: The hottest recorded temperature is The city is notorious for its southerly blasts in winter, which may make the temperature feel much colder.

Frosts are quite common in the hill suburbs and the Hutt Valley between May and September. Snow is very rare at low altitudes, although snow fell on the city and many other parts of the Wellington region during separate events in July and August Wellington suffered serious damage in a series of earthquakes in and from another earthquake in The Wairarapa earthquake occurred on the Wairarapa Fault to the north and east of Wellington.

It was probably the most powerful earthquake in recorded New Zealand history, with an estimated magnitude of at least 8. It caused vertical movements of two to three metres over a large area, including raising land out of the harbour and turning it into a tidal swamp.

Much of this land was subsequently reclaimed and is now part of the central business district. The area has high seismic activity even by New Zealand standards, with a major fault line running through the centre of the city, and several others nearby. Several hundred minor fault lines have been identified within the urban area. Inhabitants, particularly in high-rise buildings, typically notice several earthquakes every year.

For many years after the earthquake, the majority of buildings were made entirely from wood. The restored Government Buildings near Parliament is the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere.

While masonry and structural steel have subsequently been used in building construction, especially for office buildings, timber framing remains the primary structural component of almost all residential construction.

Residents place their confidence in good building regulations , which became more stringent in the 20th century. Since the Canterbury earthquakes of and , earthquake readiness has become even more of an issue, with buildings declared by Wellington City Council to be earthquake-prone, and the costs of meeting new standards. Every five years a year-long slow quake occurs beneath Wellington, stretching from Kapiti to the Marlborough Sounds.

It was first measured in , and reappeared in and It releases as much energy as a magnitude 7 quake, but as it happens slowly there is no damage. The sequence started at 5: On Monday 20 January at 3: At two minutes after midnight on the morning of Monday 14 November , a 7. The earthquake caused damage to a small number of buildings. The four cities comprising Wellington have a total population of , June , with the urban area containing The remaining areas are largely mountainous and sparsely farmed or parkland and are outside the urban area boundary.

More than most cities, life is dominated by its central business district CBD. Approximately 62, people work in the CBD, only 4, fewer than work in Auckland's CBD, despite that city having four times the population. Counts from the census gave totals by area, gender, and age.

Wellington City had the largest population of the four cities with , people, followed by Lower Hutt , Porirua and Upper Hutt. Women outnumbered men in all four areas. The most common overseas birthplace is the United Kingdom, place of origin of 7.

The next most-common countries of origin were Samoa 2. Age distributions for the four cities are given see table below. The age structure closely matches the national distribution. Wellington showcases a variety of architectural styles from the past years — 19th-century wooden cottages, such as the Italianate Katherine Mansfield Birthplace in Thorndon; streamlined Art Deco structures such as the old Wellington Free Ambulance headquarters, the Central Fire Station, Fountain Court Apartments, the City Gallery, and the former Post and Telegraph Building; and the curves and vibrant colours of post-modern architecture in the CBD.

The oldest building is the Colonial Cottage in Mount Cook. The tallest building is the Majestic Centre on Willis Street at metres high, the second tallest being the structural expressionist State Insurance Building at metres.

For a full list see: List of tallest buildings in Wellington. Futuna Chapel in Karori was the first bicultural building in New Zealand, and is considered one of the most significant New Zealand buildings of the 20th century. Old St Paul's is an example of 19th-century Gothic Revival architecture adapted to colonial conditions and materials, as is St Mary of the Angels.

There are several restored theatre buildings: We have also highlighted the best parks and playgrounds in the city centre and suburbs for you. Enjoy reading our blogs and articles for the best child-friendly experiences and kids activities in Wellington.

We are sure you will not be disappointed. Please contact us for a more detailed itinerary. The team here at What to Do In Wellington have youngsters themselves and know where all the best spots are. Great for all the family with two cafe restaurant areas. Spread over 6 floors, you could spend the whole day here easily. Click here for a detailed list of some of our favourites. Fancy taking the children for a swim?

Pop along to the Kilbirnie aquatic recreational centre. The smaller pool for toddlers is state-of-the-art and much warmer than the main pool too. Older children can roller-skate or blade their way round the gym next to it which is a bonus.

Bring your walking shoes as there is a steep hill but other than that this zoo is a great morning or afternoons activity for all the family. The alternative to this would be a trip to the amazing conservation area known as Zealandia — just a short distance from the city centre.

I wanted to see one. When going over the potential Wellington tourist attractions we might visit, Zealandia caught my eye. The result is a beautiful nature reserve featuring a stack of bird life, including the largest group of spotted kiwis in the country.

Z, never one for long walks at the best of times, got bored and tired quickly. It gets you there or back in about 20 minutes making it one of the easier things to do around Wellington.

Check it out at https: The Wellington Cable car — this picture show why the Cable Car is one of the busiest and most popular tourist attractions in Wellington, New Zealand. One of the fun things to do in Wellington, NZ, is take a ride on its long serving cable car technically a funicular for those expecting something a bit more alpine.

Great for kids and adults Z loved it , the trip up to the top gives great views of the city of Wellington. Both of which are great. The cable cars leave regularly, roughly every five minutes. Z riding an old cable car at the Cable Car Museum, one of the many great free activities in Wellington. The Wellington Cable Car was overhauled in After riding on the cable car he was interested in how it worked or used to work.

The museum is small but well done and kept Z and I interested for more than 20 minutes. It is also free to enter, like much of the stuff to do in Wellington. There is nothing to lose by checking it out. Another of the free things to do in Wellington is to have a wander around after getting off the cable car. The top station is on the edge. The gardens themselves are quite nice and the views over Wellington are spectacular on a clear day.

We had a picnic there and really enjoyed sitting round on the grass on a beautiful sunny day. If your pace is a bit slower than ours this is one of the places to go in Wellington that could soak up a lot of well spent time.

A visit here on a sunny day is one of the best things to do in Wellington. Best for Z anyway…. Some of them would be in a Wellington top 10 things to do list even without their kid friendliness.

Museums can be a bit hit and miss. Unless you hate history or museums it has something for everyone. Knowing almost nothing about Maori history or culture meant that both Z and I got a lot out of the Maori sections. Many sections had interactive displays with touch screens — perfect for Z. There were several kids areas with hands on play stuff related to the displays they were near. Z enjoys the Discovery centre at Te Papa Museum one of the better things to do with kids in Wellington.

One of the highlights for me was seeing the skeleton of Phar Lap. He was born in New Zealand before moving to Australia as a young horse. Z was underwhelmed but it was — to put it mildly — cool. I do feel for poor old Phar Lap, though. His skin and heart are in Australia, often in different museums. Amazingly or at least amazingly to me entry is free although there are some areas you need to buy tickets for.

Experimenting with electricity in The Attic at the Wellington Museum. The museum is located in the old Bond Store — the warehouse where unloaded goods were kept until all duties were paid. This history is clevery woven into the museum. The Wellington Museum does a great job of telling the story of Wellington — how it emerged, grew and came to be as it is now. We spent just over an hour here but we could have spent more.

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